September 8, 2017

Dr. Aliza Brown develops the mobile training application We Train 911

LITTLE ROCK — A mobile training application developed by a Dr. Aliza Brown aims to reduce mortality rates during emergency situations by helping dispatchers provide improved, more in-depth information to paramedics. Read more…

Dr. Joanna Seibert named member of AR Women’s Hall of Fame’s class of 2017.

Dr. Joanna Seibert, has been named a member of the Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame’s class of 2017. She will be honored for her accomplishments and achievements on August 24th at the State House Convention Center. This honor is given to women whose contributions have influenced the direction of Arkansas in their community or the…

August 10, 2017

Third Annual Buffalo Canoe Trip

We had our Third Annual Buffalo River Canoe Trip on July 9. Welcome to our new interns and residents!